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America Idol meets Shark Tank meets Kickstarter, where the Fans Invest, Profit, and Create New Music Stars    

We’re getting ready to launch!

Artists, Be the First in line to Get Major Label Support.

Fans, Be the First to Invest in the Hottest New Artists.

How it Works 

Join Sta​rCrowd

StarCrowd gives the 20 million+ unsigned and undiscovered artists a real chance at stardom and much more.

Showcase Your Music 

Artists simply upload their music and videos. Our music superstar partners, like Poo Bear, will then select the best artist, or they will be chosen by fan vote, for a chance at funding and StarCrowd's major label support.

Superstars and Fans Invest 

StarCrowd prepares selected artists for funding by forming their corporations, etc,  at no cost. Fans, alongside music superstars and experienced investors, then invest (as little as $50) in these artists via the StarCrowd online platform, or the StarCrowd Reality TV Show, which will showcase our top 10 artists each week. 

A Star is Born 

After funding, artists receive 360 major label support through StarCrowd and its major record company partners. This includes videos, promotions, and global distribution. As Investor Fans track their star artist’s rise on the charts, they can track and count their profits on the StarCrowd platform. 


StarCrowd is a completely new approach to the music business. Our online platform systematically develops new music stars - with artists owning all their music and rights, and fans directly funding and profiting from these artists. Record labels sign and pour tremendous resources into only about 3% of music artists. Many of the millions of unsigned, undiscovered artists are very talented and would have great success with this same kind of support. We give them that support and much more on a major scale.

 We form corporations for artists and initiate equity crowdfunding campaigns (at no cost), enabling passionate fans to collectively invest up to $1 million in these artists. The funds raised are then used for what we call 360 artist support, i.e., administration, studio time, branding, promotions, music videos, distribution, sales, national concert tours and all other services necessary for success.

 The StarCrowd platform will be integrated with a reality show where fans can buy ownership/stock in promising contestant's careers -- rather than just vote. We will make this process very simple, and enable fans to track the artist’s progress and share in the artist’s profits as they grow. This provides a new industry model that produces a stronger tie between artists and fans, creates new revenue possibilities and revolutionizes the industry. 

StarCrowd was co-founded by superstar songwriter, producer, artist, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd. Poo Bear is a 4 time Grammy Award winner, who wrote 16 of the 19 songs on Justin Bieber's last album. He also made history b y recently co-writing the #1, #2, #3 top songs on Billboard, which included the smash hit single, "Despacito", featuring Justin Bieber. Poo Bear also recently collaborated with legendary songwriter Bob Dylan, and has wrote songs for some of today's biggest stars, including  Rihanna, Sam Smith, Usher, Chris Brown, Jay Balvin, and Anitta, among many others. Check out his most recent videos  ... 

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Red Bull "Afraid of Forever" Poo Bear documentary

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equity Crowdfunding ?

  •  A online offering of private company securities to a group of people for investment and therefore it is a part of the capital markets.

How do I invest into a Artist ?

  • After a artist launches his/hers Equity Crowdfunding campaign you can then see on the StarCrowd platform which artist currently have a on going campaign. Simply click on the artist of choice,upload your debit or credit card information, and invest for equity within the artist career. 

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